The Journey Ahead

I’ve been on quite a few journeys. I’ve travelled through China, South-East Asia, Australasia, and Europe. Most recently however my journeys have been rather less exotic, mainly the London Underground network and a short walk from Euston Road to Oxford Street. However, this 40 Acts journey is more daunting than many others.

I’m attempting to complete all the 40acts tasks, one every day, and this blog will record my journey, the good, the bad and the down right ugly. This scares me.

True, I can’t loose my passport, get mugged, scammed or trodden on by an over excited elephant. However my biggest fear is my own selfishness, which, I have no doubt, this journey (and this blog) will expose more than ever before.

You see, so often in my walk of faith I have to remind myself it is not about me, It’s about Him. Yet despite this reality the Big Man still chooses to include me in His plans. He doesn’t need me, yet he uses me. So this journey isn’t about me, nor is it about you, it’s about Him. How can we glorify him when we Give out not Give up?

I don’t really have a plan, or a route, I’m just going to throw myself in at the deep end. Fancy it?

  1. Christine said:

    Sounds great, can’t wait to read how you do.

  2. Thanks Christine! Keep in touch about how you get on too!

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