Sausage Rolls and Chocolate Bars

I have given up Sausage Rolls and chocolate bars for Lent. Paul’s weakness was a metaphorical thorn in his side; my weakness (or rather, one of my weaknesses) is a literal sausage roll in my stomach.  Apparently Sainbury’s have found out about my challenge and decided to sell them buy-on-get-one-free. I realised this half an hour ago when my house-mate walked in with two beauties (I’m talking about the sausage rolls). So, now my task has got significantly harder. Thank you Mr. Sainsbury! The benefit is that my Giving jar (see today’s @40acts challenge) will be rather full by the end of the week. How am I getting on you ask? Well, I’m 15hours into lent and still going strong! Blessings all.


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