A divide too large – Day 2

  So, today’s 40acts challenge was to cross a social divide. In many ways, working for a Church in central London, I do this every day. We have some amazing people coming into All Souls from all over the World from every background, living situation and circumstance. As a Church Assistant I’m often on the front line, the first point of contact. We regularly chat with the homeless who live in the area, whose life experience I can’t even begin to grasp. More recently, however, I had developed a rapport with the lady who sells the Big Issue on one of the streets between home and work. I now know she has sons (two or three I think), she is Slovenian and likes to laugh at me when I walk past her carrying my lime green suitcase. At Christmas I gave her some Chocolates to give to her sons, today however, she was nowhere insight. Come to think of it I haven’t seen her for a while, and, as my own self-indulgence so often rules the roost, I wonder how many other people have noticed. In somewhere like London where Millionaire and down-and-out share the same postcodes (the homeless do local community better than many Christians I know!) It is remarkable difficult to fully cross a social divide, whether through selfishness, fear or a lack of ‘Jesus like’ love. Today I failed (the closest I got was a lunch with my father) and many other days I do too. Tomorrow is a new day and I will try again. Though I’ve still got my walk home from work in a couple of hours, who knows. I’ll keep you posted!


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