Making Tracks – Day 3

  Today’s act was to Share your Skill. Now, I have a number of interesting skills. My most impressive being an immense ability to flick biscuits off my feet and elbows and catch them in my mouth. This, however, is not the easiest skill to share (and believe me, I have tried) so I had to think of other skills to share. An opportunity arose at 09.10 hours this morning when I was setting up for JellyBeans (the All Souls Tots group, not the famous Jelly Belly Sweet). I was given the task of setting up the train set. This made me slightly more excited than it probably should and, as a life long fan of Lego blocks (there’s more than two of you; KrishK and Beechy!) and the son of two Civil Engineers, I am well trained in the  art of construction. After creating a safe and strategic place for my station (including pleasant views for all the wooden passengers) I had started building the bridge (an absolute essential part of an vehicle related boys toy) when a 4 year old boy arrived at the table, ready and waiting to join in the fun. However, no self respecting construction manager simply lets an amateur pick up his tools and  crack on (particularly one intent on chewing the wheels of the 07.15 to Gatwick), so he quickly became my junior (school) apprentice. Thus a skill, honed and perfected over many years, was shared and, before long, we had a working figure-of-eight railway, complete with chewed wheels and biscuit crumb debris. Day Three completed! How did you get on?


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