Connor and Tim – Act 4

Greetings all. I trust that you have had a enjoyable and generous weekend! I travelled North this weekend to visit my Girlfriend, Charlie, in Durham, thus my day 4 Act was in a completely different location to all my others. Saturdays Act was to ‘Grab-a-cuppa’, not much good for any of you who gave up caffeine for Lent, but I’m sure you got around it. On Saturday Charlie and I headed into Newcastle to watch the Toon (Newcastle United) at St. James’ Park. I was so keen to get to the game that I missed countless opportunities to ‘grab-a-cuppa’ with some ‘un-desirables’. My selfishness got the better of me. It wasn’t until the evening then, that another opportunity to show some Luke 14 love appeared. Walking to the pub we stumbled across Connor and Tim, two of Durham’s many homeless men. They were setting up for the night in a shop doorway chatting away to each other and asking passers by for a bit of cash. I popped into the local Tesco and picked up a packet of chocolate Cadbury’s Twirls and some hot pies, one chicken and one steak. Praying that neither was a militant vegetarian I knelt down next to them and offered them up. Tim replied ‘I’ll eat anything mate’ and grabbed the Chicken. We sat and chatted for a while, I learnt their names, they learnt mine. We chatted about were they were from (Connor lived in Durham as a kid and has been homeless for years, Tim was originally from Doncaster) We shared a couple of laughs and I walked on, to a different world of warm pubs and expensive drinks. I’m going to do it again, soon. What a great challenge. How did you get on?


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