Time in the bible – Act 6

   As a Church worker and a writer I find that every day I spend some time in the Bible. However yesterday as Nicky challenged us in Act 6, I wanted to spend time in the Bible myself, not for the benefit of leading a study, or doing a talk or writing an article, simply to enjoy and be challenged by the Word.

I turned to one of my favourite passages; 1 Peter 2, a passage where Peter explains what we as Christians are now, through what Christ has done on the cross. A brief summary: We are like newborn babies (verse 2), chosen by God and precious to him (v4). We are like living stones (though not of the ‘Ken’ variety), we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God (v9).  We are aliens and strangers to the world (v11) and we must in all things Glorify God.

Idon’t want to say any more about it, you should read it for yourself. So often I find myself reading passages simply to gain knowledge, to be able to teach others or write an interesting study or article or to stay up to date with my Bible-in-a-year, but it is great just to spend time in the Word, allowing God to teach me through it.

I should do this far more often.

Ps. You can find a great exposition of this text in John Stott’s The Radical Disciple


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