Acts 7 and 8

The last couple of days have been pretty busy, with much work/study/writing, so much so I didn’t even get to watch the Scotty and Psycho lead England team on the the end of an absolute Double Dutch injury time Robben (robbing – get it?!). My spontaneity therefore, will have to wait a while, which might seem a contradiction in itself however the closest I was able to get yesterday was buying the round at the pub. Though, with it being the 29th February it was my Girlfriend’s spontaneity that I was most concerned about…

Today however, was a day off, and I managed to spend it with two guys, one an new Christian soon to be married and working out his faith (occasionally accompanied by me and a Starbucks coffee) the other a chap who in recent years has both become a father and re-found a faith once pushed aside.

The time spent with these guys was amazing, we opened the Bible, chatted faith, marriage, the Church and a bit of football. I’m constantly amazed to see the way that God is working through these guys. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

It was great to give a day off to other people, it was by no means a selfless act, (I probably grow more in my time with them than they do with me), however so often it is easy to get so tied up in my own life that other people are pushed to the side. I forget about the wider Church family, the body of Christ and my responsibility to it.

I’ve written more about this time-sharing stuff in my Blog for Day 12 ‘Pass it Forward‘ which hopefully will challenge us all to invest time in peoples Christian growth. Until then though, I’m going to plan my spontaneity a day or so late…..


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