I have given up Sausage Rolls and chocolate bars for Lent. Paul’s weakness was a metaphorical thorn in his side; my weakness (or rather, one of my weaknesses) is a literal sausage roll in my stomach.  Apparently Sainbury’s have found out about my challenge and decided to sell them buy-on-get-one-free. I realised this half an hour ago when my house-mate walked in with two beauties (I’m talking about the sausage rolls). So, now my task has got significantly harder. Thank you Mr. Sainsbury! The benefit is that my Giving jar (see today’s @40acts challenge) will be rather full by the end of the week. How am I getting on you ask? Well, I’m 15hours into lent and still going strong! Blessings all.


How often do you hear the words ‘Wow, that’s generous!’? Perhaps you have offered to lend a friend a large amount of money or given away a piece of furniture to someone more needy, maybe you bought an expensive round at the local or taken a bottle of wine and some chocolates to a social gathering. Maybe you simply gave up your seat on the train (to that lady you thought was pregnant!) or offered to do the washing-up that has been sitting fermenting for the last six weeks. Maybe, like me, your generosity stretches to about one good deed a fortnight, as long as it doesn’t clash with Match of the Day.

The truth is I’m about as generous as Ebenezer Scrooge and Deborah Meaden at a School fete, however as I’m looking forward to (significantly) increasing my generosity over Lent for 40acts I’m reminded of the ultimate act of generosity, an act of generosity that is overlooked by millions of people every year. An act of generosity that I so quickly overlook, push to the side or forget. Ladies and Gents, Lords and Lasses, Sheila’s and Bruces, Posh and Becks; this is what it is all about, the God who loved us so much he was willing to come down to earth, become one of us, and willingly suffer death on a cross so that we could again be united with Him.

As Jesus himself puts it ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends’ (John 15:13)

Now if that is not generosity then what is? And if this doesn’t spur us on through our acts of generosity what will? So, watch this clip, be inspired, worship Him and crack on!

I’ve been on quite a few journeys. I’ve travelled through China, South-East Asia, Australasia, and Europe. Most recently however my journeys have been rather less exotic, mainly the London Underground network and a short walk from Euston Road to Oxford Street. However, this 40 Acts journey is more daunting than many others.

I’m attempting to complete all the 40acts tasks, one every day, and this blog will record my journey, the good, the bad and the down right ugly. This scares me.

True, I can’t loose my passport, get mugged, scammed or trodden on by an over excited elephant. However my biggest fear is my own selfishness, which, I have no doubt, this journey (and this blog) will expose more than ever before.

You see, so often in my walk of faith I have to remind myself it is not about me, It’s about Him. Yet despite this reality the Big Man still chooses to include me in His plans. He doesn’t need me, yet he uses me. So this journey isn’t about me, nor is it about you, it’s about Him. How can we glorify him when we Give out not Give up?

I don’t really have a plan, or a route, I’m just going to throw myself in at the deep end. Fancy it?

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